Information for speakers

Registration and booking
All paper-givers, panellists, discussants, and chairs must register as conference participants.  We are able to offer you secure on-line booking for all those who wish to pay by credit card or bank transfer.

Presenting your paper at the conference
Equipment requirements:
 Each meeting room will be equipped with a laptop, speakers and a projection setup.  Please bring any presentations or other files on a USB memory stick.  There is Wi-Fi available around the site but if you require Internet access during your presentation we will provide wired access to the Internet.  If you have not already submitted details of any presentation requirements in addition to those listed above, you should let the conference administrator, know your requirements as soon as possible.  Availability of extra equipment cannot be guaranteed if you do not make your requirements known well in advance.

Timing: Each session, with the exception of special lectures or plenary meetings, lasts for 90 minutes.  Arrangements for each panel at the conference are the responsibility of its chair but you will normally be expected to present a summary of your paper, drawing attention to your main conclusions, in not more than fifteen or twenty minutes.  Discussants should take no more than ten minutes to present their comments, in order to allow sufficient time for audience participation.  We would anticipate that at least 30 of the 90 minutes will be taken up with audience involvement.  Participants in round tables of more than 3 people may be asked to give shorter presentations of ten to fifteeen minutes.

Providing copies of your paper: We would suggest that it would be more cost effective for you to email your paper to any of the participants who request it after the conference.  Alternatively, if you can put a copy of your paper on your own or your department’s website, we can create a link to it.  Please email your hyperlink to and it will be attached to the title of your talk in the programme.