Paper/Panel submission

The deadline for paper and panel/roundtable proposals has been extended to midnight 24 October 2021

Individual Paper
BASEES will consider proposals for individual papers that are not associated with a panel. They will be reviewed by the relevant stream organiser.

A panel involves the presentation of prepared papers on a related topic, followed by structured discussion of those papers and Q&A. A panel proposal should have a Chair, a minimum of 3 to maximum of 4 papers. It can have a discussant, but this is not obligatory. The chair may serve also as a discussant or a paper presenter.

Roundtables involve the structured discussion of a topic/theme, without the presentation of papers. A roundtable proposal should have a Chair; and minimum of 3 to maximum of 5 roundtable speakers. Roundtable speakers will not present a “paper”, i.e. there will be no paper titles in the programme. The chair may serve also as a roundtable speaker, if necessary.

Paper and Panel submission is now open, click here to submit your proposal.

If you have not used the system before you will first be asked to create an account with your password. You can then come back to the system and change your abstract at any time up to the deadline for abstract submissions, which is now 24 October 2021.

If you need further guidance on creating an account or submitting a paper, panel, or roundtable proposal, you may find the following the videos useful: Create an Account; Submit a Panel Proposal; Submit a Paper Proposal; or Submit a Roundtable Proposal.

Abstracts should be not more than 1500 characters. Abstracts can be typed directly into the submission system, but if you copy and paste to submit your abstract from, for example, MS Word, ensure that you remove all formatting instructions.